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'Hogs Haven' not happy with Pierce

Our good friend SkinPatrol over at Hogs Haven is a little bit upset with the following clip. He posted it first, so kudos to him for that.

Maybe we would be upset if this was, say, Clinton Portis or another Redskin player saying 'Giants suck.' We think, though, that SkinPatrol needs to lighten up.

Antonio Pierce, who we know is a former Redskin, was smiling and just having a little fun with an autograph seeker. To me, no harm done.

But, then again, I agree with the sentiment so I'm not objective.

Not that we care what he has to say, but Tiki Barber has weighed in on Michael Strahan's "retirement." Tiki says Strahan's ego is too big to allow him to retire.

ESPN's Matt Mosley has the Giants 19th in his latest Hashmarks Power Rankings.