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Odds 'n ends as camp drags on

So, the Michael Strahan soap opera is continuing. Reports indicate that Strahan may not make a decision, but he will at least make a statement within the next couple of days.

Geez, Michael, either you want to play or you don't. C'mon, already.

Let's get off the Strahan stuff for now. I'm bumming that the Giants have no practice Sunday, since I would actually have time to get over to UAlbany and watch if they did. Oh, well, that's the way it goes.

Anyway, let me toss this out for your discussion. Here's my list of the five most impressive players in camp so far, based on what I've read and the little bit that I've seen.

-- Steve Smith, wide receiver.
-- Marco Thomas, wide receiver.
-- Jared Lorenzen, quarterback.
-- Osi Umenyiora, defensive end (he's been destroying David Diehl on a daily basis).
-- Zak DeOssie, linebacker.