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Strahan's return no big surprise

So, Michael Strahan has decided to play after all.

I'm not surprised. After giving away a fortune to his ex-wife in a divorce settlement Strahan needs the cash. There was no way he was walking away from the $4 million the Giants will pay him thseason as long as he was physically able to play.

"He went with his heart instead of his head," Tony Agnone, his agent, said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press on Friday evening. "He felt at this point he was part of the team, and he was going to go to battle with them."

Let's hope that's the case. The Giants don't need any part of a player who is there only to get paid, or isn't totally committed. No more distractions, please.

So, Big Blue View Nation, are you happy to see No. 92 back for a 15th season? Or, do you wish he had just retired?