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A few quick impressions of the New England game

A few observations about the Giants just-concluded 27-20 loss to New England Thursday night.

• You have to get a little excited watching Ahmad Bradshaw. Last night he carried 6 times for 46 yards and returned 2 kickoffs for 51 yards. He has speed, cut-back ability, can catch passes and shows a willingness to run up the middle. Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride has to find ways to use him.

Reuben Droughns (5 carries, 38 yards) and Derrick Ward (4 carries, 25 yards) each had good nights. The Giants have depth at running back.

• Speaking of Droughns, his much-discussed move to fullback didn't turn out to be a big deal. Rookie free agent Michael Matthews, a 270-pounder, was on the field as a fullback or H-back in most blocking situations. That's likely to be how the Giants start the season.

• I think 345-pound defensive tackle Manny Wright played himself onto the team with 4 tackles and a half-sack. He's not an every down player, but in short-yardage situations he is a mountain to move.

• I was a little surprised to see Tim Hasselback play before Anthony Wright. I wonder if Coach Tom Coughlin was just doing him a favor and giving him an extended showcase so he can hook on with another team. If the Giants keep a third QB, it might be somebody who isn't on the roster yet. What would you think of adding Chris Simms if Tampa Bay, as rumored, dumps him?

• The Giants have got to sign a free agent offensive tackle with experience before the season opens. Guy Whimper and Jonathan Dunn inspire zero confidence.

Lawrence Tynes and Josh Huston both helped themselves in their battle for the placekicking job. Tynes (43 yards) and Huston (33) each made field goals.

• Maybe I shouldn't worry about it since it was pre-season, but the 13 penalties the Giants took are a source of concern. That has to change.

• First-round pick Aaron Ross was not impressive. It looks like he won't help much at the corner -- at least at the start of the season.

That's it for now. I'm going to bed. Maybe Friday I will put together a final roster projection since final cuts are due Saturday.