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Five Questions for BBV Nation

Around Sports Blogs Nation, we quite often do 'Five Questions' type posts with bloggers from other teams, reporters or anyone else willing to answer our questions.

Today, I'd like to do Five Questions with Big Blue View Nation.

Here are five questions for all of you, mostly regarding which players should make up the final 53-man roster.

1. Who should be the placekicker -- Josh Huston, Lawrence Tynes or somebody else?

2. Should the Giants sign free agent linebacker Jeremiah Trotter?

3. Should the Giants keep a third quarterback? If so, who should it be -- Anthony Wright, Tim Hasselbeck or somebody else?

4. Who should play fullback, Reuben Droughns, Michael Matthews or somebody else off the waiver wire?

5. Are you comfortable with rookies Zak DeOssie and Jay Alford handling the long-snapping, or do the Giants need to sign a veteran snapper?


Apparently, Big Blue View Nation is an optimistic bunch. In the poll asking whether or not the Giants would make the playoffs, 22 voters said yes and only 13 said no.

There is a new poll today about the placekicking situation. Be sure to cast your vote.