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Forget what I said -- exhibition season is too long

So, remember what I was saying the other day about four games being the right length for the exhibition season?

Cancel that! What on earth was I thinking? Two exhibition games is plenty. Regular players are playing less and less in these games, anyway. That means fans are asked to pay full freight to watch third-stringers or guys who won't even make their teams.

And, of course, as Giants fans know all too well players do get hurt. In the case of Big Blue at an alarming rate. Maybe the Giants can get special permission from the league to make Thursday's exhibition finale against New England a walk-through just so nobody else gets hurt.

On Monday, Peter King of laid out three scenarios for modifying the pre-season.

King figures the scenario that has the best chance of becoming reality is going to three pre-season games and 17 regular-season games.

This is the option that clearly has the best chance of happening, at least in the next couple of years. It's the one (NFL Commissioner Roger) Goodell said last spring the league would consider, and he has been reiterating in internal league circles that he's serious about investigating this option. Goodell would investigate pairing a 17th game with playing up to four international games per season, so the NFL could stay current with the NBA and Major League baseball, both of which are playing overseas regularly now.

As a Giants fan I have only one question. Can we make that change happen before Thursday?

Your thoughts?