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Wright, Hasselbeck both heading to the exit?

From Ralph Vacchiano's Blue Screen Giants blog, this might be the most interesting note to come out of Saturday's loss to the Jets.

After sub-par performances again last night from backup QBs Anthony Wright and Tim Hasselbeck, Coughlin said it's possible he'll carry only two quarterbacks on the final roster. I find that hard to believe, but it's definitely possible that the No. 3 quarterback will end up being someone other than Hasselbeck or Wright.

Wow! I figured Hasselbeck had no shot to make the team, and even though I wouldn't be sorry to see him let go it surprises me that Wright's job appears to be in jeopardy.

A NOTE ABOUT THE KICKERS: I know Lawrence Tynes and Josh Huston both struggled Saturday night, but I see them both as NFL quality placekickers. Remember, they were working without regular holder Jeff Feagles and at least one of Tynes' misses came as a result of a bad snap by rookie Jay Alford.

Don't be surprised if someone other than Alford is snapping for field goals and extra points by the time the season opens.