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Keep using those diaries

It's nice to see some of you beginning to make more use of the 'Diaries' section of the site. I know many of you have strong feelings about Big Blue, and sometimes waiting for me to post on something or simply dropping a short comment doesn't cut it.

So, if you have something to say on a topic that hasn't been covered, or a comment just doesn't let you say what you feel, please create a Diary of your own.

Even if you come across interesting news that hasn't appeared here yet, go ahead and post. Yes, 'potroast' I'm still aggravated that you posted the 'Eli rips Tiki' thing before I could get to it.

Anyway, all I ask is that you keep it clean and keep it related to the Giants.

FOOTBALL FOR BREAKFAST: We're all busy, and we'd love to be able to quickly scan one page to find the latest news about every team in the league. Well, Football For Breakfast is a new Web site that allows you to do just that. Check it out, it should be a daily stop for football news junkies.