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Tiki is still talking ... is anybody listening?

Of course you knew that Eli Manning's comments about Tiki Barber (which I am still celebrating) would not be the end of the end of the story.

Of course you knew that TV Tiki and his Energizer battery powered mouth would not remain silent.

Of course, he didn't disappoint.

On his Tuesday evening radio show "The Barber Shop," which he hosts with his brother Ronde on Sirius Radio, Barber kept it up.

I did not hear the show. I won't pay to listen to the radio, but that's a discussion for another place.

Anyway, Pat Traina at Inside Football did suffer through the whole thing.

Here is Pat's summary of what TV Tiki had to say.

• They made fun of Eli's pre-game speeches, going so far as to mimic an uncertain guy rehearsing his inflection in front of a mirror to see what tone sounded better.

• Tiki took exception to Manning's statement that Tiki quit on the team as son as his retirement plans became public knowledge and that he had no heart. In fact, Barber was not shy about reminding listeners that he single-handedly won the Giants 2006 regular season finale against Washington which put them into the playoffs.

• Tiki confessed that he was upset with the Giants' decision to part ways with Kerry Collins, whom he felt was still a serviceable quarterback and a good locker room leader, in favor of Manning.

Tiki said he hopes that he and Eli will eventually be able to look back at this and get a good laugh, though later on he said he didn't care if he and Eli weren't friends any more.

• Tiki also skewed the details surrounding the announcement of his retirement, saying that it wasn't as though he asked New York Times writer John Branch to write the story (though what he fails to acknowledge is that unless the very talented Branch has a hidden talent as a mind-reader - and if he did, I doubt he'd still be in journalism -- there's no way Branch could have known that he was planning to retire were it not for something Barber said that day).

Maybe, instead of questioning Tiki's heart we should question his brain. It's amazing that he doesn't realize all this stuff isn't helpful to anybody.

Obviously, it doesn't help the Giants -- even though we're glad Eli took TV Tiki to task.

It also doesn't help Tiki. It makes him look whiny, selfish, vindictive and unprofessional and certainly puts his credibility at risk.

Shut up, Tiki! You've said way too much already.