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Vick can't keep running

For years Michael Vick has had the fastest feet of any quarterback in the NFL. He could sidestep, or just plain outrun, just about any defender who tried to track him down.

Vick, however, cannot outrun the federal government.

He is trying. As though he were scrambling from sideline to sideline searching vainly for a wide receiver, Vick keeps delaying a decision on whether or not to accept a plea agreement in the dogfighting case he faces in federal court. He may not even enter a plea until Tuesday.

To keep it in football terms, Vick can't run for much longer. Pretty soon he is going to have to take the sack.

All of Vick's co-defendants in the case have already pled guilty, and have apparently turned on him. Vick must know at this point that it appears he has no escape. A plea means prison time. A trial would also likely lead to prison time, and could end up bringing about the public airing of heinous details of the case that could shatter any remaining popularity or public support Vick may have.

Either way, his pro football career is in serious jeopardy. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has thus far refused to give any hints as to how the league will proceed in regards to Vick. My guess, though, is that should Vick accept a plea agreement he will serve his time -- then serve a suspension imposed after that by the NFL.

ESPN's John Clayton has a look at what might happen to Vick's NFL career. If Clayton is right, Vick will have few options if he ever does get to look for another NFL job.

You can't feel sorry for Vick at all. He had everything, including money, fame and tremendous talent. He has done this to himself.

The federal government seemingly has what few defensive players have ever had when it comes to Vick -- a clear shot at him. We'll see how hard of a hit they deliver very soon.