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Giants growing impatient with Strahan

C'mon Michael, what's it gonna be already?

Giants GM Jerry Reese wants to know. Head coach Tom Coughlin wants to know. Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo wants to know. The fans want to know.

Are you playing or not? It's time to stop mulling retirement, and make a decision.

Reese showed some impatience Thursday when asked about Strahan. According to, Reese had this to say:

"We would like for him to be here if he's going to be here, just for him to get some work," Reese said Thursday at training camp at the University at Albany. "Michael knows that if he's going to come back, he has to get some work in. You just can't show up and play in the National Football League.

"If he decides to come, I think he will be here soon, but it's still his decision and we'll see what happens in the next few days."

Reese can't do anything but wait for Strahan's decision, but I certainly can't blame him for getting a little irritated by No. 92's hemming and hawwing.

• Ahh, if we all had the problems Will Demps has. And, no, I'm not talking about him having to wrestle the starting strong safety job away from James Butler. Seems Demps has a little trouble keeping the ladies off him.

Manuel Wright, the behemoth defensive tackle the Giants signed Wednesday, has had his share of off-the-field issues. He says those troubles are behind him and he is ready to focus on football.

NON-GIANTS NOTE: Long-time NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe, who retired after last season, has admitted that he never wanted to play in the first place.