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Time to do the shuffle -- roster changes begin

This week's Cheerleader Photo of the Week is of several members of the Baltimore Ravens cheerleading squad. The squad reportedly also has male participants, and does stunts. But, ummm, does anybody really care about that?

The Giants began shuffling their roster Wednesday, and I'd say some of the moves might be bad news for struggling backups on the offensive and defensive lines.

One move was made by necessity, and that was putting backup tight end Darcy Johnson on injured reserve.

The most interesting new player in camp is defensive tackle Manuel Wright. A 6-foot-6, 329-pounder, Wright did not play last season while battling depression.

At that size, the Giants are likely hoping he can be a run-stuffer. If he shows he can do that, it might be bad news for Marcus Bell, Jonas Seawright or -- please, please, please -- William Joseph.

On offense, the Giants waived lineman Chris Patrick, who they signed as a free agent after he went undrafted in the supplemental draft.

They also signed two offensive lineman, guys you've probably never heard of named Dan Parrish an Myniya Smith. Again, take this as a sign that somebody (Matt Lentz?) is in danger of losing a roster spot.

Tom Coughlin has officially turned into Mr. Softee. Rather than make his players attend meetings and watch film Wednesday night, he took the entire team bowling.