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LT has some advice for Strahan

Lawrence Taylor thinks Michael Strahan should just retire if he isn't 100 percent committed to playing.

I have to agree. It was obvious Saturday that the Giants could use a healthy, committed No. 92 at left defensive end.

If he's not absolutely certain he wants to be in uniform, though, his performance, his attitude, and possibly his body will suffer for it.

Here is some of what Taylor has to say to Gary Myers of the Daily News.

"That's the one thing about retirement: Once you get it in your head, it's hard to get it out," Taylor said. "Once you make that decision that you've had enough, man, it's hard to think of anything but retirement. When you don't love the game anymore, when you lose your will to play, you should just go ahead and retire."

If Strahan really wants to play, you know the Giants would welcome him. If he's not sure, then Taylor is right. He should just stay away.

Your thoughts?