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Walsh's passing stirs memories

I would be remiss if I didn't offer some thoughts on the passing of the legendary Bill Walsh Monday at the age of 75.

There are many others who can more eloquently detail Walsh's revolutionary impact on how football is played today. I will let them describe Walsh's genius.

From the perspective of a Giants fan, what I remember is that he built the 49ers into three-time Super Bowl champs largely during Bill Parcells era as Giants coach.

In the late 1980s these two teams, the 49ers and Giants, were in many ways what the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts are to today's NFL. These are the teams that were the standard-bearers in that period of the NFL.

One of my favorite Giants games ever has to be the 49-3 thrashing Big Blue put on Walsh's 49ers in the opening round of the 1986 playoffs. That, of course, started the Giants on the road to their first Super Bowl title.

One of the moments in Giants history that is burned into my brain is Leonard Marshall nearly breaking Joe Montana in half, sending him to the bench.

Even 20 years later, Walsh's 'West Coast Offense' is still the basis for the way many NFL teams play. He didn't invent the forward pass, of course, but he brought new ways to use it into the game -- and eventually into the offenses of most teams around the league.

There have been many great coaches in the NFL. Over the last 30 years, though I can't think of one who has had more of a profound impact on the sport.

Rest in peace, Bill. Job well done.