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Strahan retiring? Thanks a lot, Michael!

Forget that stuff I posted earlier about Michael Strahan wanting more money. According to the Star-Ledger, Strahan may retire.

GM Jerry Reese confirmed that to the Star-Ledger's Mike Garafolo.

"Last night, I talked to his agent (Tony Agnone) and his agent said to me -- this was about seven o'clock -- (Strahan) was contemplating retiring," Reese said. "That's all I know right now. We haven't spoken to him. We'll get more details about it. We'll put him on reserve/did not report to camp."

This is not good news. Thanks a lot, Michael, for making a decision at a time when the Giants are screwed now in terms of structuring their defense if you decide not to play.

I know Strahan is not the dominant force he used to be, but the Giants were/are still counting on No. 92 lining up at left end.

I'm sure Reese would have left Mathias Kiwanuka at defensive end and more aggressively pursued linebacker help if Strahan had given any indication this might be coming.

What options do the Giants have if Strahan does, indeed, hang 'em up? I only see a few.

1. Make no drastic moves and give the job to Justin Tuck. That would mean entrusting the backup spots to Adrian Awasom and rookie Jay Alford.

2. Move Kiwanuka back to defensive end and let Gerris Wilkinson start at linebacker. That might also open a spot for ex-Denver linebacker Al Wilson if he is ever declared physically able to play.

3. Call Simeon Rice's agent right now. Rice, recently released by Tampa Bay, has 121 career sacks. He's 33 and I'm not a big fan of his, but if Strahan isn't going to play it's a call the Giants might have to make.

Again, thanks a lot Michael! If you do retire, maybe you and Tiki Barber can get your own show. Call it "How to Really Screw Over Your Employer."

Your thoughts?