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Ross signs, so all the picks are in

Newsday is reporting that the Giants have signed No. 1 pick Aaron Ross to a five-year contract.

That means all the Giants draft choices are now signed, and all should be in camp when practice begins on Saturday.

That's good news.


REESE RIPS PETITGOUT: I guess GM Jerry Reese is tired of hearing questions about why the team did not retain left tackle Luke Petitgout.

Here is what Reese told the New York Post about Petitgout.

"People are so worried about left tackle ... I think that's so overrated. People act like Petitgout was the second coming. He never made the Pro Bowl, and I don't think he ever was a first alternate. Now all of a sudden he's the savior? That's ridiculous. I don't think we're that bad off without Luke Petitgout. He was not a star left tackle. He was a solid left tackle on some occasions and other times he wasn't. Luke has been a marginal player for a long time."



BELL ON I.R.: The Giants announced the other day that backup safety Jason Bell will miss the season after aggravating a back injury during the offseason conditioning program.


SO LONG, CURTIS: One of the classiest and most underappreciated superstars of recent times, the Jets Curtis Martin, has officially announced his retirement. Martin, the fourth-leading rusher in NFL history, never got the credit he deserved and never sought the limelight. He's a lot different than another retired New York running back we all know and used to love.