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Jacobs will reach (fill in the blank) yards?

Brandon Jacobs
Yes, Tiki Barber is gone. And yes, he was a huge part of the Giants offense.

But, the life span of NFL stars is usually short, and there are always new great players coming along to replace old great players.

Will Brandon Jacobs be one of those new great players? Everyone around the Giants seems to think so, and I've been on record saying that I agree that Jacobs seems capable of handling the role of featured back.

Will he match Tiki's last three seasons, in which his lowest rushing total was 1,518 yards? Will he put up Larry Johnson-type numbers as (more than 1,700 yards each of the past two seasons) as ex-Giants Carl Banks has suggested?

Expecting those kinds of numbers might be unfair. Jacobs can do a lot of things well and should be fine.

Let's do this. Let's put an over/under on the expectations for Jacobs' yardage this season and see which side of the number you guys think he will wind up on.

Let's put the number at 1,200 yards, which I think is a reasonable expectation. It works out to 75 yards per game.

What do you guys think? Over or under?