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Strahan a Hall of Famer?

Is New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan worthy of enshrinement into football's Hall of Fame?

He does hold the record for quarterback sacks in a single season with 22½, even if Brett Favre did lay down in front of him to hand him the record-breaking sack.

He is 7th on the all-time sack list with 132½, a half-sack ahead of the legendary Lawrence Taylor for the Giants all-time record.

Strahan has been selected to the Pro Bowl 7 times.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sportsline thinks Strahan will go to Canton.

He's been a dominant player for a long time, but is he in the Bruce Smith-Reggie White class? He's not, but he's the all-time sack leader. Plus, the media likes him. He'll get in.

Do you agree?

As good as Strahan has been it's difficult for me to think of him as an all-time great.

Perhaps that's because my memories of all-time sack leader Smith (200) and White (2nd with 198) are still fresh.

Those were two dominant, scary players. White, in fact, is the best defensive lineman I have ever watched.

I never thought of Strahan as that type of dominating player, perhaps because I am a Giants fan and perhaps because he never played on what I think of as a truly great defense. Maybe one of you Eagles, Redskins or Cowboys fans out there can offer some perspective on that.

Do I think that, ultimately, he will get in? Yes. The single-season record, the fact that he has more sacks than LT and his media-friendly personality pretty much guarantee it.