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Five questions facing the Giants

Less than two weeks until training camp starts for the Giants.

Here is a quick rundown of what I think are the five biggest questions the team faces as the season approaches.

1. Can Tom Coughlin really change? The Giants coach has said again and again during the offseason that he will try and relate better to both his players and the media. He needs to. Coughlin, in the final year of his contract, needs fewer distractions and more wins to save his job.

2. Can they replace Tiki Barber? I am on record as saying that Brandon Jacobs and Reuben Droughns will do just fine. Until, however, they actually do it this will be a valid question. Barber is, after all, the most productive running back in Giants history.

3. Can Eli Manning continue to grow? Eli has made slow, steady improvement during his first three seasons. Now, the Giants need him to take a big leap and become an upper echelon quarterback and team leader. If he can't, it might be a long season.

4. Can David Diehl play left tackle? Again, I am on record as saying I think he can. This is an incredibly important job, though, and it widely accepted that Diehl is better suited to stay at guard. If he can't handle the job, Eli will take a beating and we'll be watching Anthony Wright play quarterback.

5. Can Steve Spagnuolo help the defense? Under Tim Lewis, the Giants defense was soft and often sieve-like. Spagnuolo, the Giants new defensive coordinator, brings with him a more aggressive style. Will it help? It better if the Giants want to make the playoffs for a third straight time.

There are, of course, plenty of other questions. These, though, I feel are the biggest ones.

Your thoughts?