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Strahan sounding optimistic

There is a really nice piece on Michael Strahan posted over at

Strahan voiced optimism about the upcoming season.

"Last year we were 6-2 when we were healthy," Strahan said. "Then when we lost almost half our starters with injuries, we went downhill. It is very hard for any team to win when losing all those starters. Of course, they are going to come in and predict we are not going to be a great team because of what we showed at the end of last year. But that was not necessarily representative or our team. So when everyone is healthy we have as good a chance as anybody to win it all. We all know how this business goes - one year to the next is totally different."

He also joined quarterback Eli Manning in downplaying the significance of Tiki Barber's retirement.

"Life will be fine, we have two very capable running backs (in Brandon Jacobs and Reuben Droughns). It is very hard to replace someone like Tiki in the production and inspiration that he gave us. But at the same time it's football, things change, you can't play forever - I won't play forever. When those things happen you have to deal with them. I think our young guys are hungry for success because they see what it has brought him and they want that as well, so they will be fine."
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