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Supplemental Draft is today

[UPDATE: According to ESPN, only Paul Oliver (4th round San Diego) and Jared Gaither (5th round, Baltimore) were taken today in the Supplemental Draft.]

A couple of weeks ago I didn't know much about the NFL Supplemental Draft, and didn't really give it much thought.

Then all the Jared Gaither talk started, Big Blue View got involved in that, and now I may not be an expert but I do know an awful lot more about the process.

Anyway, the Supplemental Draft will be held this afternoon, and there are 11 players who have been declared eligible. They are:

• Morgan State DT Robert Armstrong
• Florida State DT Clifton Dickson
• Maryland OT Jared Gaither
• Central Missouri DB RoShawn Marshall
• Glendale (Ariz.) Community College WR Eric McCain
• Connecticut DB Donta' Moore
• Georgia DB Paul Oliver
• Nebraska OT Chris Patrick
• Utah State DT Brian Soi
• East Central (Okla.) OT Aaron Turner
• Texas State-San Marcos LB Mark Washington

The players drawing the most interest are Gaither and Oliver. I've also seen some reports that the Giants might have in Patrick, one of the three offensive tackles available.

The biggest move the Giants have made in the Supplemental Draft was the 1992 selection of quarterback Dave Brown. The team forfeited a No. 1 selection in the 1993 draft to get Brown, and I think most Giants fans would agree that didn't turn out to be such a great idea. At his best, Brown was never more than adequate.

These players all might be talented, but they are in the supplemental draft because each of them comes with a unique set of risks or circumstances.

Drafting players is never an exact science, and is always risky in some way. In the Supplemental Draft, the risks tend to be even greater.

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