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A little love for Eli

It might not be much, but Eli Manning has finally gotten a little love from someone. In his Fantasy Football quarterback analysis Roger Rotter of Fox Sports lists Eli as the 10th best fantasy QB.

I'm not much of a fantasy football guy. I play in fantasy baseball and basketball leagues, but for some reason I've never gotten into football. Heck, I didn't even join the SB Nation football bloggers fantasy league.

The point to that being that I know many of you are big fantasy football players. I'll give you some links occasionally when I find stuff that might be useful, especially if it relates to the Giants.

I am not, however, going to give you a lot of fantasy draft analysis and that type of stuff. To be honest, it wouldn't be credible, anyway.

If you feel like you know the topic well enough, though, feel free to jump in with a diary entry or two and start a thread on your own. Who knows, maybe somebody out there can become the Big Blue View Fantasy Football Guru.
Is this relevant? According to realFootball365, the 2006 Mr. Irrelevant (the last player chosen in the draft) has signed with the Giants.

That would be wide receiver Kevin McMahan. He was cut last year by both the Oakland Raiders, who made him Mr. Irrelevant, and later by the Indianapolis Colts.