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Roster analysis: Is kicking job really open?

When the Giants traded with Kansas City for Lawrence Tynes a few weeks ago, General Manager Jerry Reese insisted Tynes would not be handed the placekicking job.

He insisted that Tynes would have to earn it.

Reese said this to after acquiring Tynes.

"We wanted a guy to come in here and put pressure on (Huston), who we really like a lot. Huston has a really strong leg. But we feel better about having a guy that's kicked in the league to come in and compete for the job, because we were basically handing it to (Huston) without a lot of competition. We want to put pressure on him to earn the job. And we want (Tynes) to earn the job as well. One of our goals is to have competition at every position."

Does rookie Josh Huston really have a chance to beat out Tynes? Let's continue our occasional roster analysis by taking a look.

• In the blue corner. Lawrence Tynes. Entering his fourth season, Tynes made 78.2 percent of his field goals in three seasons with Kansas City. He is 6-for-11 from beyond 50 yards in his career. His one reported weakness is that he does not possess a strong leg on kickoffs.

• In the red corner. Josh Huston. Reese has consistently praised Huston, saying how much he likes the rookie from Ohio State. Huston was cut at the end of training camp last season by the Bears. He reportedly has a strong leg and is excellent on kickoffs.

MY VIEW: Some have wondered if the Giants would keep both (Tynes for field goals and extra points, Huston for kickoffs). I can't see that happening, since it seems like a wasted roster spot.

PREDICTION: Huston will wind up kicking somewhere in the league this season, but I highly doubt it will be the Giants. Reese would not have traded for Tynes unless the intent was to give him the job. Unless Huston is miles better in training camp, this job belongs to Tynes.