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New football league not a smart move

When will these guys ever learn?

Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, is part of a group considering forming a new professional football league to compete with the NFL.

Uh, yeah, Mark, that's a tremendous idea. It's never been tried, and it's a lock to succeed. Yup. Brilliant. Can't believe nobody thought to try this before!

Let's see, should we call it the World Football League? Oh, wait a minute. Somebody already did that in the 1970s and it didn't work out? I'll be darned!

Let's try another name. How about the United States Football League, since all eight of our teams will be right here in America? Oh, geez, Mark you forgot your good buddy Donald Trump already owned a team in a league by that name. That league flopped, too? Figures, since Trump was involved.

Oh, WWE wrestling magnet Vince McMahon thought he could run a football league, too? He called it the XFL? Ah, guess you'll have to try another name.

Oh, you want to try the United Football League? And you want to field 8 teams? And you want to play during the NFL season, but on Friday nights when there aren't NFL games?

Well, everything else has been tried. Nah, nobody wants to go to high school games on Friday nights. There are never any college games on TV. Nobody ever has anything to do on a Friday night, so let's feed them some minor league quality football. Yup. They'll eat that up.

And, by the way, who are you gonna get for players. All the worthy guys are in the NFL already, and the ones who aren't are playing Arena Football somewhere and becoming cult heroes in their cities.

Ah, Mark, a little advice. Forget starting a new football league, you'll just be wasting a lot of time and money. Instead, find a sports psychologist who will help your MVP, Dirk Nowitzki, learn to play like one when it matters the most.