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Giants get no love from SI's King

I'm not a big fan of's Peter King. Like ESPN's Peter Gammons has become in baseball, I think King is always out to prove to us mere mortals how smart he is, not give us real, unbiased information.

I read King's stuff only because I have to.

That aside, King has issued his insanely early declaration for who will win this season's Super Bowl. King went way, way out on a limb here, picking the defending champion Indianapolis Colts to win again, this time defeating the New Orleans Saints.

The Giants? As you'd probably expect, there was no love from King for the Big Blue.

King listed Philly, Chicago and Seattle as other NFC contenders. The Giants didn't even rate a mention.

Do I think the Giants are going to win a Super Bowl this season? No. Do I think they deserve some consideration when you start discussing teams capable of being in the upper echelon of the NFC? Most definitely.

Your thoughts?