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Bears should be commended

Good for the Chicago Bears.

The Bears yesterday put some teeth in the NFL's new zero tolerance player conduct policy, releasing wayward defensive tackle Tank Johnson.

Johnson, of course, was already facing an eight-game suspension for violating probation on a gun charge. then, over the weekend, was pulled over for suspicion of DUI.

The 'embarrassed' Bears decided to cut ties with Johnson. I applaud the move.

ESPN's football blogger, Matt Mosley, on the other hand, says the Bears "shouldn't be celebrated for making this decision."

Huh? Why not?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made it obvious that cleaning up player conduct off the field is his top priority. It's about time. For too long, the league and its teams have turned their backs on off the field law-breaking. As long as guys showed up on Sunday and performed, nobody really cared what they did with their evenings, or early mornings.

Not anymore.

I think the Bears are to be commended for stepping up and putting teeth in Goodell's policy by hitting Johnson in the place where it hurts the most -- by taking away his ability to play.

I know some other team desperate for a defensive tackle will eventually give Johnson another chance. But, this move by the Bears is a good first step toward teams showing that they are falling in line with Goodell's policy.

You have to wonder why the Titans haven't done the same with Pacman Jones, or the Bengals with Chris Henry.

Hopefully, the Bears have started a trend.