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Blogging The Boys posts BBV's answers

Blogging The Boys has posted my answers to the Five Questions they asked me in our continuing series. So, head on over and see what they wanted to know about the Giants.

We've been so busy here with our 'Five Questions With' series that we haven't had time to point out some interesting articles we've seen about the Giants.

So, let's move on and catch up a bit on our summer reading.

• Before mini-camp broke at the end of last week, Mathias Kiwanuka told reporters he feels like a linebacker.

• Michael Eisen at has a Q&A with new special teams coach Tom Quinn.

There's also some interesting stuff going on around the league. So, let's go Touring The Nation and see what some of the other bloggers are talking about.

• Thanks to a comment by our own 'SBakerTheTouchdownMaker, 'Skin Patrol' over at Hogs Haven appears to be emotionally conflicted about his attachment to the Redskins. Hogs Haven

• Defending Nike's defense of Michael Vick. The Falcoholic

• Jeff Garcia needs to shut up. Buc 'Em

• Eric Wright impressive in Browns' mini-camp. Dawgs By Nature

• Madden Curse hits Vince Young. Music City Miracles