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Hashmarks is all Giants, all the time

In case you haven't come across it yet, recently launched a football blog called Hashmarks.

The blog is written by Matt Mosley, formerly of the Dallas Morning News. Yeah, that makes him a Cowboys fan, but we'll try to play nice and not hold that against him.

Anyway, after a few weeks of sitting around the office, working the phones and pumping out enough entries every day that it makes MY fingers hurt thinking about typing that much, Mosley must have been getting bored.

He finagled himself a trip to New Jersey and spent Friday at Giants minicamp. Why a Cowboys guy wants to spend a beautiful Friday in Jersey watching Giants mini-camp I don't know, but Mosley did. And we're better for it.

The dude must have been trying to convince his editors to let him take more trips. He pumped out a half-dozen entries regarding the Giants yesterday. Hey, Matt, can I get reprint rights? I won't have to write for a week.

Anyway, in those entries there was a lot of entertaining, insightful stuff.

• There's a great list of Under the radar players who could contribute this season. Mosley was impressed by by draft picks Kevin Boss, Ahmad Bradshaw and Jay Alford, and rookie free agent receiver Brandon London.

• Mosley has a piece on Eli Manning in which Giants GM Jerry Reese says the QB needs to improve his body language on the field.

• There's an entry on Tom Coughlin and his efforts to change his image. We've covered that topic, but another perspective is always appreciated.

• There's an off-beat Q&A with rookie wide receiver Steve Smith not about his love for football, but about his love for chess. By the way, Steve, maybe you want to re-consider more or less challenging Tom Coughlin to a match.

• Finally, there's another notebook in which Mosley praises fullback hopeful Robert Douglas and second-year wideout Sinorice Moss, as well as new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

So, if you're looking for a little light reading for a Saturday, head on over to Hashmarks and check out Mosley's work. For Giants fans, it's a bonanza.