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Settle down, everybody, it's only mini-camp

Read enough reports about the Giants first two days of mini-camp workouts, and you'll probably wind up convinced the Giants will go 0-16. Shoot, maybe they should just forget it and forfeit all their games.

Newsday's Ralph Vacchiano was particularly negative in his Blue Screen blog Wednesday.

Consider this gem.

Eli Manning has put together two of his worst practices that I can remember seeing. I lost count on the number of interceptions or near-interceptions he's thrown. Let's just say that despite non-contact, no-pressure drills, very few of his throws have been on the mark. Or even close.

Or this one.

It's never a good thing to see your first-round draft pick riding the stationary bike during practice, but that's what CB Aaron Ross was doing this morning. Apparently he fell and hurt his head during yesterday afternoon's session and was held out for "precautionary" reasons today.

The folks over at Giants 101 are also ready to jump off a bridge, saying "at this point it appears that despite a few nice defensive plays - the Giants are not off to the best start of the second day of mini-camp."

Geez, people, calm down already. Have a glass of wine. Take a pill. Stick your head in the freezer for a minute if that's what it'll take to make you chill out.

Last time I checked, today was June 15th. There is no game this weekend. The first game is not until Sept. 9, three months away.

Eli's probably never gonna be as accurate as we'd like him to be. But, jeepers, let's not get all bent out of shape about a couple bad practices in June.

Not to go all Allen Iverson here, but 'what are we talking about here? Mini-camp? We're talkin' about mini-camp?'

Eli will be fine. And those players who are sitting out to rehab or for precautionary reasons, will be on the field when it really matters.

There will be plenty of time to worry about the Giants, and plenty of real crisis to worry about. But, on June 15th, now is not the time.