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Can Coughlin soften up?

Tom Coughlin
Tom Coughlin's affinity for rules, and his rigid no-nonsense personality are legendary in NFL circles.

Coughlin has spent his career projecting a gruff exterior and not letting players and media members get to know him.

At the urging of family members and some in the Giants organization, though, Coughlin is trying to lighten up.

In a wonderful piece Sunday, the Star-Ledger looks at how Coughlin became the way he is, how he is trying to open up and just how difficult that transition is.

Here's a snippet from Coughlin.

"I'm like I am because that's the way I was raised," Coughlin says. "But that's the way I want it. I like it that way. I like it orderly. I like a procedure. I like a format to everything.

"I could make pretty good decisions, but I did the stuff that all kids did, drink beer and stuff like that. But when I screwed up, it bothered me. I would tell myself, 'Do it right, do it right.' If it's not completely right, it bothers me. That's a problem. I want it perfect, but nothing's perfect."

It's a must read for Giants fans. FYI, it is lengthy and will require registration. It's worth the time, though.