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Reese: Ross 'fits our scheme'

There is an interesting profile of the Giants No. 1 draft pick Aaron Ross, at

Here's a snippet.

At 6-feet tall and 193 pounds, the Giants were enamored by his ideal height and weight, which they hope will allow him to match up well with some of the NFL's biggest and best receivers. At Texas, taking advantage of his size and speed in press coverage was his strong suit.

"I feel like that is my strength - to get down there and lock up on a guy ... I really love to man up on guys and take them out of the game," Ross said regarding the possibility of playing press coverage with the Giants.

According to Giants general manager Jerry Reese, the initial plan is to utilize Ross as a cover corner in similar fashion.

"He fits our scheme - a big guy with long arms who can battle big receivers," Reese said. "He can play that press coverage that our coordinator thinks that we are probably going to play more of this year. So he fits what we want to do."

We begin finding out more about Ross and the other Giants rookies Saturday when the rookie mini-camp starts.