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Coughlin's future already being debated

We're more than two months from the start of training camp, and already the 'Tom Coughlin will be fired after this season' stories are circulating.

Citing a 'league source,' Pro Football Talk says Coughlin had no input on draft-day decisions. Here's part of Pro Football Talk's report.

A league source tells us that Giants coach Tom Coughlin had no juice within the organization during the 2007 NFL draft.

This development suggests that Coughlin has zero influence over the shaping of the roster, and it lends credence to rumors that the Giants decided to keep Coughlin for one more year so that they won't be in the early stages of a new coach's tenure when guys like, say, Bill Belichick or Bill Cowher are available.

Geesh! Enough already! Can we at least let the season start, much less see how it will play out, before we start with this stuff again?

Personally, I like Coughlin and I think he's done a good, though not perfect, job under trying circumstances. Regardless, though, let's see what happens when the games start before we bury the guy. Face it, if Coughlin gets the Giants to the playoffs for a third straight season you'll be hard-pressed to come up with a valid argument for getting rid of him. If the Giants don't make the playoffs, there's a good chance he'll be replaced. Until we see how it plays out, though, all the speculation is useless.