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Five things the Giants still need to do

Giants fans should feel better about their team after last weekend's draft.

Of course, you can never tell how the players selected will work out. GM Jerry Reese, however, did at least make an effort to select players who should compete for jobs in areas where the team has obvious needs.

There is still a long time between now and the Sept. 9th opener at Dallas. And there is still much to be done, and moves to be made.

I might not be breaking much new ground here, but what follows are 5 things I think the Giants need to do between now and the start of training camp in July.

1. Sign a veteran kicker -- The Giants looked at Billy Cundiff last week and reportedly offered him a contract. Cundiff, however, chose to sign with Atlanta. Reese needs to keep looking. The Giants have only rookies Josh Huston and Mark Hickok right now. One might be able to handle the job, but New York needs a veteran around just in case.

2. Find a left tackle -- The Giants tried to get Kevin Shaffer from the Browns, and may revisit that before training camp starts. It seems like Reese and Coach Tom Coughlin would prefer to keep David Diehl at guard, which is his best position. They would seemingly like Guy Whimper to earn the left tackle job, but I'd feel a lot better if they had a serviceable veteran to compete with him. Perhaps one will become available during the June round of cuts.

3. Lock the door on Keyshawn -- I know Keyshawn still has gas in the tank, as shown by his 70 catches last season. I know Amani Toomer's health is questionable. I know the Giants were interested in Johnson a year ago. I also know Johnson is trouble. He's been a distraction everywhere he's been, and after the last couple of seasons the Giants don't need any more of that. Let Sinorice Moss, Steve Smith, Michael Jennings and the other unheralded guys prove themselves -- and don't go looking for the headache.

4. Cut William Joseph, please -- I don't know how many times I have to say this, but the guy is terrible. If he hadn't been a first-round pick I'm not sure he would still be in the league. Tell me what he's done to prove he's any better than Jonas Seawright or Adrian Awasom. The Giants have plenty of other defensive tackles without wasting a roster spot, and the salary, on Joseph.

5. Find a blocking tight end -- Kevin Boss was drafted as a potential backup to Jeremy Shockey. He has good receiving skills, but his blocking is reportedly a weakness. If the Giants are unable to bring in a blocking tight end, you'll see backup linemen like Rich Seubert or Gray Reugamer filling that role again this season. Again, maybe one will shake loose during the June cuts.

Your thoughts?