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Big surprise -- Burress skips first day of OTAs

So much for his new, mature attitude.

The Giants held their first off-season Organized Team Activity today, and Plaxico Burress was among the no-shows, according to Ernie Palladino of the Journal News.

Jeremy Shockey, of course, was also missing, as were Michael Strahan and Jim Finn.

This apparently didn't sit too well with Coach Tom Coughlin or quarterback Eli Manning.

You make the best out of it," said Manning. "Whoever comes to practice, I'll try to get the best out of them."

I know that Burress and Shockey will be productive players regardless of whether they show up for the OTAs or not. It still bugs me, though, that they can't show any respect for their quarterback -- who obviously wants them in town to work with him.

Your thoughts?