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Here's a guy you can root for

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The NFL is full of idiots like Pacman Jones, Tank Johnson, Michael Vick and the Bengals Chris Henry.

Every so often, though, it's nice to come across a story about a player you actually want to root for. Arizona Cardinals rookie free agent quarterback Toby Korrodi is such a player.

Here's a little background on Korrodi from

Korrodi is unique ... He was married in high school, has three kids and took a trucker's route to the NFL - going from his home in San Antonio, to Northern State in Aberdeen, S.D., and to Central Missouri State in Warrensburg. Along the way, he and his wife, Laura, struggled to pay the bills, raised their kids and survived a horrific accident that made Toby think about everything that was dear to him.

You can read the full article here.

Korrodi might not have a great chance of sticking with the Cardinals, but I hope he does. He's earned the opportunity.

NOTE: The Giants have acquired TE Rodney Burgess (Detroit) and have waived rookie free agent OT Rob Austin. Kudos to 'Inside Football' on this note.