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Parcells won't rule out coaching again

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USA Today ran an interesting Q&A with Bill Parcells Wednesday.

Parcells, who resigned as Cowboys coach after last season, did not close the door on returning to the sidelines.

He also fondly recalled his time with the Giants.

Q. At some press conferences last season, when your New York Giants teams were mentioned, you cut your answers short, saying, "Don't get me started about that." Why is that topic such an emotional tug?

A. It was the team I got started with. If it wasn't for a lot of those players, I wouldn't have been able to go forward in my career. I may have never been able to go as far as I have. I'm really grateful to them. I stay in touch with an awful lot of them. They were very special to me.

Read the full interview here.

• Former Giants backup QB Jesse Palmer announced his retirement from the Canadian Football League Wednesday. I didn't even know Palmer was still playing.