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Shockey sneaks in, and he's already gone

Still hoping Jeremy Shockey will make an appearance at the Giants voluntary off-season conditioning program?

Well, you can stop. It seems Shockey has already come and gone. According to the New York Post the vocal tight end was in New Jersey late last week catching passes from Eli Manning.

He is apparently already gone, and says he doesn't plan on coming back until the veteran mini-camp in June.

Here is some of what Shockey told Post reporter Steve Serby.

"I hope the fans can understand my point of view," Shockey said. "I hope my teammates and coaches can understand my point of view. I'm not going to change my workout routine. I'm not going to change my philosophy of working out.

"You'll never see me report to training camp out of shape. If that ever happens, I'll be the first one to relocate my workout routine."

Shockey ran routes and caught passes from Manning with no defenders to incur the tight end's wrath. He said he is confident they will sharpen their timing when he returns for next month's veteran mini-camp then training camp.

"(Giants) fans should not be concerned," Shockey said. "I thought we had a good connection last year; obviously, it could be better, but me spending time up there (East Rutherford) is not gonna make that big a difference now. It's just me running my routes and him throwing the ball to me."

Does it bother you guys that Shockey prepares for a season one way while the rest of his team prepares in another?

I keep going back and forth on this issue. The workouts are 'voluntary,' though only a player of Shockey's stature could get away with skipping them.

I will say Shockey is always in great shape, and I admire how hard he plays. He shows up every Sunday, plays his guts out and produces.

Yet, for a guy who wants to win as badly as Shockey says he does it seems counter-productive for him to skip workouts his quarterback and coach think will help accomplish just that.

Your thoughts?