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Tynes trade is official

The Giants have now officially announced their acquisition of placekicker Lawrence Tynes from the Kansas City Chiefs.

According to the Giants will give up a conditional draft choice.

Also from, here is what General Manager Jerry Reese said about the acquisition.

"We feel better about having a veteran kicker coming in and competing for the job," Reese said. "We're not bringing him in to give him the job. He has to earn it. We feel like we have a strong young guy vs. a veteran kicker and the best kicker is going to win the job.

"We wanted a guy to come in here and put pressure on (Josh Huston), who we really like a lot. Huston has a really strong leg. But we feel better about having a guy that's kicked in the league to come in and compete for the job, because we were basically handing it to (Huston) without a lot of competition. We want to put pressure on him to earn the job. And we want to earn the job as well. One of our goals is to have competition at every position."

I'm with Reese on this one. Tynes connected on 78.2% of his field-goal attempts during three years with the Chiefs. Tynes may not be the best kicker in the league, but I feel much better about the placekicking situation now.

If Huston beats out Tynes you'll know he earned the job rather than getting it because there was no other choice.

Your thoughts?