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Classless Cowboys players take shots at Parcells

Bill Parcells
Over in Dallas it appears to be open season on former coach Bill Parcells.

First, running back Julius Jones ripped the legendary Tuna, who resigned after last season.

"Maybe I was being told a little bit where to run and wasn't really able to use my instincts," Jones said at minicamp. "Maybe I listened to (Parcells) a little too much and was kind of running like a robot."

Next, of course was Terrell Owens, who said he got "nothing" out of his year with Parcells. He was blunt about his feeling that new coach Wade Phillips is easier to play for.

"Everybody knows he's a laid-back coach, obviously a little different than Bill. ... I don't think you have to be a disciplinarian to get your point across," Owens said. "I think having a new head coach is good for everybody.

"It's a little bit more relaxed. I think you can tell that by the atmosphere in the locker room. I don't think I just have to really spell it out for you, but I think it's very evident."

I can't stand it when players do that, but I should have expected it.

Sure, yeah, it's Parcells' fault that Jones didn't play well the second half of last season and lost carries to Marion Barber. And, oh, it's definitely Parcells' fault that T.O. couldn't keep his mouth shut last year and dropped more passes than he scored touchdowns. Oh, and it's Parcells' fault Tony Romo couldn't catch a snap on an extra point.

It's the same with a lot of the griping you have heard the past couple of seasons from Giants players. Can't remember the snap count? Can't figure out who to cover? Don't know enough not to hit somebody when they are out of bounds?

Blame the coach. Yeah, that's the thing to do. Don't ever be accountable for your own performance. Yeah, that's the ticket.