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Rookie mini-camp starts Saturday

Giants rookie mini-camp starts Saturday and continues thru Monday.

Nobody will be a declared a superstar -- or a bust -- just because of how they perform at this mini-camp. It really is simply a chance for players and coaches to begin getting to know each, get used to the professional way of life and an opportuntiy for some undrafted free agents to catch the eyes of the coaches.

It does, however, provide us with something to talk about.

Here is the list of signed free agents who will be attending the mini-camp.

• Matthews, Michael, TE, Georgia Tech
• Myles, Brandon, WR, West Virginia
• London, Brandon, WR, Massachusetts
• Thomas, Marco, WR, Western Illinois
• Hall, Gabe, T, Texas Tech
• Austin, Rob, T, Troy State
• Jones, Justin, T, Central Arkansas
• Clinger, Joel, T, Missouri
• Keenan, Ryan, G, Northwestern
• Gunn, Marquise, DE, Auburn
• Taylor, Charrod, DE, Georgia Southern
• Johnson, Travonti, DB, Central Florida
• Dahl, Craig, DB, North Dakota State