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The pick will be ... a cornerback or linebacker

The SBN Mock Draft is thru 16 first-round selections. It doesn't look like the Giants pick, at 20th, will come up before I hit the road for vacation Friday morning.

Nonetheless, a pick will be made when the time comes. I will leave a prioritized list of choices, and the highest-rated player still on the board will be selected.

The only downside is I won't be available to discuss the selection. Feel free to drop some comments on the pick, or use the diary section and discuss anything else you want.

I am bringing a laptop with me and will be checking in a few times throughout the week. I don't know how much posting I am going to do, but if anything big comes down I'll do my best to give you some thoughts on it.

By the way, I'll give you a hint as to my first-round selection. It will either be a cornerback or a linebacker, depending upon who is left when my turn comes up.

The Giants need to shore up their defense, and I think this pick has to be devoted to that side of the ball. So, that is what I will likely do.

When I come back we will dive head-first into draft coverage. I will profile potential selections for the Giants and discuss lots of other draft-related topics.

Oh, and one more thing -- a little present for you as I head off to South Carolina to play a little golf and soak in some sun.

We all know the Giants do not have cheerleaders. That, however, doesn't mean us Giants fans can't enjoy looking at other team's cheerleaders. With that in mind I give you a slideshow taken from the tryouts for the San Diego Chargers cheerleading squad.