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SBN Mock Draft: Our time is drawing near

In case you haven't been following it -- and what reason could you have for not following it -- the SBN Mock Draft is about halfway through the first round.

As I type, the Pittsburgh Steelers are on the clock for the 15th selection of the first round.

The Giants have the 20th pick, which means our time is coming soon. If you haven't voted in the current poll asking what position you think the Giants should address first, what have you been waiting for? Hurry up and cast your vote.

Also, feel free to respond to this or start a diary of your own with some thoughts on how I should use the pick.

I am really hopeful I will get an opportunity to make the pick by Thursday evening. I am traveling Friday and Saturday (heading to South Carolina for some sun, fun and golf) and will be out of touch a bit.

No matter what, I will get a selection in. I'm just hoping we have a chance to discuss it a bit before I hit the road.