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More praise for Steve Smith

In BBV's continuing effort to find as much information for you as possible about the newest members of the Giants, here is a tidbit about wide receiver Steve Smith from Conquest Chronicles, SB Nation's USC blog.

Steve Smith on the other hand had a great day being drafted by The New York Giants. Living here in the NYC area I have had my fill of this team but as a life long Giants Hater I will force myself to watch them in order to see Smith perform. This is a great place for Smith to be as it gives the Giants another weapon in a possession receiver like Smith. With Amani Toomer coming off a season ending knee injury Smith has an opportunity to step right in to the mix and make some plays if Toomer is not ready to go. And based on what I read on the Giants' official site he may get his chance right out of the blocks, The Giants will look to play him in the slot or thee outside as his versatility is what makes him great.

Not to knock Jarrett but Smith heeded Coach Carroll's advice and stayed for his senior season and it paid off huge dividends. He will be under a bit of a microscope here in NYC but his demeanor will be a perfect fit for him to be productive. With Manning, Burris and Shockey doing most of the heavy lifting on offense he will get his chance to shine no doubt.

The more I read about this guy the more I am looking forward to seeing him get on the field.