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What kind of fan are you?

Are you an old-school Giants fan who longs for the Bill Parcells days? Or, a new-age fan who can't wait to see how far Eli Manning will take this team?

I was perusing items in the Giants Store the other day and I got to thinking about where I fit in that spectrum. Look at the question this way:

-- Would you buy an Eli Manning jersey or Phil Simms' No. 11?
-- A Jeremy Shockey jersey or a Mark Bavaro one?
-- An LT jersey (the original LT, not that nickname stealer out in San Diego) or a Michael Strahan one?
-- Harry Carson or Osi Umenyiora?
-- Ottis Anderson or Amani Toomer?

Me? In every case except Shockey-Bavaro I would choose the old-school jersey.

I'm either more old-school, or just plain older, than I guess I'd like to admit.

How about you guys? It doesn't really mean much, it's just kind of an interesting thing to think about.

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