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Draft props ... and a few wet willys

There was, as you could have expected, some good and some bad about the first day of the NFL Draft.

With that in mind, let's hand out the first-ever BigBlueView Props and Wet Willys.

Props to ...

-- Cleveland Browns QB Brady Quinn. Quinn suffered the embarrassment of practically falling off the earth. Figured to go no later than 9th to the Dolphins, Quinn sat in the Green Room for hours until the Browns finally chose him at 22. Quinn handled the situation with class. Oh, and he scores extra points for bring along girlfriend Lindy Slinger, giving the rest of us something to look at.

-- The Cleveland Browns. Nobody could have blamed the Browns if they had taken Quinn with their first pick, No. 3 overall. Instead, they took OT Joe Thomas. Then, when it became obvious Quinn was in free fall and no one else was going to take him, the Browns struck -- jumping back into the first round and snagging themselves a franchise quarterback.

-- Keyshawn Johnson. After watching Keyshawn's performance with ESPN yesterday, I'd say he can have the chair Michael Irvin vacated at ESPN when he's done playing. Keyshawn was insightful, had some fun and didn't squirm when asked to comment on the selections made by the team he plays for -- Carolina.

-- The New York Jets. The Jets traded up in the first round and snagged the best cornerback, Darrelle Revis of Pittsburgh. I suspect Revis, who is also an excellent punt returner, will turn out to be a great player.

Wet Willys to ....

-- The Miami Dolphins. What the hell were they thinking when they passed on Quinn? I could have understood it if they had gotten a franchise-type player, but Ted Ginn? New Miami coach Cam Cameron embarrassed himself, standing in front of Miami fans Saturday afternoon and stammering about how he drafted Ginn's family, and how exciting of a punt returner Ginn is. Uh, gee, Cam ... uh ... punt returner or franchise QB for the next decade. Which is more important? This kind of decision-making does not bode well for the Dolphins future.

-- The San Diego Chargers. Safety Eric Weddle had better become the next Ed Reed. Chargers GM AJ Smith gave up three picks -- THREE -- to take this guy in the second round. Who does that? For anybody in the second round. Has Smith lost his mind?

-- The whole draft process. Could the thing have moved any slower? It took more than 6 hours to just get through the first round, and more than 11 to get through three rounds. That is wayyyyy too long. If any of you sat through all of that, you deserve a medal.