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Weekend will teach us some things about rookie GM

Linebacker? Cornerback? Offensive Tackle? Wide Receiver? Best player available no matter what position?

What will the Giants do with their first selection in the NFL Draft, which begins Saturday afternoon? That's anybody's guess at this point.

What I do know is this weekend will teach Giants fans a lot about Jerry Reese, the team's rookie general manager.

Will he be more like the conservative George Young, under whom he first worked as a scout? Or, will he be more like Ernie Accorsi, who was much more willing to target specific players and move around the draft board to acquire them?

My guess is that he will more closely resemble Young in his approach than Accorsi. In his comments since becoming GM Reese has occasionally referenced things he learned from Young. I haven't seen him utter Accorsi's name.

I actually find that comforting. I am not a big fan of moving all over the board. Unless you can drop down and gain additional picks, like the giants did last year when they grabbed Mathias Kiwanuka, I think you should stay put. Giving up draft picks usually turns out to be a bad idea.

Reese has a reputation as a terrific scout and talent evaluator. He is reportedly the one who pushed for the selection of Kiwanuka last year, despite no obvious need. Kiwanuka has already shown the ability to be a good player for a long time.

Reese will have to live up to his reputation in this draft. The Giants have a bunch of holes, and since they were largely unsuccessful in luring free agents they need the majority of their eight selections to turn into productive players.

Personally, as you have seen from the mock drafts I've done, I feel strongly that the Giants should concentrate on defense during Day 1 of the draft.

Reese has hinted that he would like a left tackle, but I am hoping he chooses to fortify the defense for new coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

In an ideal world, I'd love to see a linebacker like Paul Posluszny of Penn State or Lawrence Timmons of Florida State go to the Giants in the first round. These are guys who can make immediate impacts.

In the second round, I'd love to see the best corner left, somebody like Eric Wright of UNLV or Maryland's Josh Wilson.

After that, who knows. You take the best players you can and hope you hit a couple of home runs.

Reese, I'm sure, has ideas of his own. He's on the hot seat this weekend. Let's see what he does.