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Would the Giants take PK Crosby on first day?

Tell me the truth -- are you comfortable with the idea of untested rookie free agents Josh Huston and Mark Hickok competing for the job as Giants' placekicker this fall?

One of them might be capable of doing the job, but that's hardly a sure thing. Huston, from Ohio State, was cut by the Bears during training camp last season, and Hickok kicked in the Arena2 Football League in 2006.

I ask because Colorado's Mason Crosby is clearly looked at as the best kicker in this draft, and is expected by many to be a first-day pick.

Could rookie GM Jerry Reese use the Giants 2nd or 3rd-round pick on Crosby, regarded as the best placekicking prospect since Sebastian Janikowski, who was taken in the first round by Oakland in 2001?

I'm not advocating one way or the other on this, I'm just throwing it out there. Using first-day picks on kickers is unconventional. According to Mike Nugent (2005 by the Jets in the 2nd round) is the only kicker selected on the first day since Janikowski. In fact, according to SFGate, only 18 kickers have been drafted since 2000.

If Reese were to select Crosby it would go a long way toward telling us that he isn't afraid to be somewhat unconventional in his thinking.

Here's the scouting report on Crosby, from NFL Draft Countdown.

Has an outstanding leg...Can hit from well beyond 50 yards and has a career long of 60...Accurate and rarely misses the ones he's supposed to make...Phenomenal on kickoffs and creates a lot of touchbacks...Clutch and doesn't let pressure affect him...Has a lot of experience...Intangibles are excellent...Can also punt in a pinch.

Kicked in high altitude with thin air but also hit a lot of long kicks at sea level as well...Will have some kicks blocked here and there...Has room to smooth out and refine his technique...Is so good coaches tend to let him try unrealistic attempts.

Father, Jim, was a fullback at Texas-El Paso in the mid-1970s...Was the runner-up for the Lou Groza Award in 2005 as a junior...Superstitious and has to hit at least 60 golf balls at a driving range two days before a game...Best kicking prospect to come along since Mike Nugent and might be the highest chosen since Sebastian Janikowski back in 2000...A rare prospect who is a true weapon on special teams.

Your thoughts?

NOTE: Have you seen the throwback uni the Eagles unveiled today? Might be the most hideous thing I've ever seen in my life. Check it out here.