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If Wilson is healthy, why not bring him in?

My second entry today is not draft-related, but it is in regards to a topic that continues to float around the Giants.

That topic -- whether or not the team should sign free-agent linebacker Al Wilson.

A few weeks ago, you might recall, the Giants had a trade in place with Denver for the veteran linebacker. Wilson, however, failed his physical apparently due to concerns about a serious neck injury he suffered late last season.

The Broncos later released the Five-time Pro Bowler, apparently believing that the 31-year-old Wilson is no longer physically able to play. Or, at least not wanting to commit $5.2 million to him when they weren't sure.

Giants GM Jerry Reese admitted during a recent pre-draft press conference that Wilson is still on his radar.

"Nothing is over at this point ... we'll see what happens with him in the future," said Reese.

I think you can translate that into -- we would like Al Wilson to be a Giant provided we believe he is healthy enough to play.

I can't see anything happening with Wilson before the draft. If the Giants doctors believed three weeks ago that he was too big of a risk, I can't believe that would have changed now.

If, however, he can pass a physical before training camp rolls around in July I would have to think this would be a good move for the Giants.

Wilson showed last season he is still an impact player, registering 102 tackles -- the 3rd most of his career -- in 15 games. He would also come cheaply considering the lingering health concerns.

I doubt Wilson's possible future with the Giants will impact any draft-day decisions. No matter what they do on draft day, however, I'd think it would behoove the Giants to take a chance on a player this good if he's still able to play.

Your thoughts?