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Second round can be a key to successful draft

So much attention is focused on the first round of the draft it's easy to forget that the success or failure of a draft is not determined solely by the first player a team picks.

There are seven rounds, and you have to hope your team comes away with at least four of five useful players out of its seven selections.

Loyal BBV readers know that one of my criticisms of recent Giants drafts has been that the team has not gotten enough mileage out of its mid-to late-round selections.

A recent article on Yahoo! Sports points out the importance of the second round. It lists an all-star team of second-round picks.

Go through the list and it's a reminder that there is still tremendous talent left at the conclusion of the first round. In many cases, very little actually separates a first-round pick from a second-round one.

By the way, the Giants 2nd-round selections since 2000 are as follows:

2000 (DT, Cornelius Griffin); 2001 (no selection); 2002 (WR, Tim Carter); 2003 (DE, Osi Umenyiora); 2004 (OG, Chris Snee); 2005 (CB, Corey Webster); 2006 (WR, Sinorice Moss).

Out of all of those selections, only Umenyiora and Snee can be called unqualified successes. Webster and Moss still might pan out for the Giants, but let's hope Jerry Reese hits more often with this pick than Ernie Accorsi did.