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Spurrier was no draftnik

An old pal of mine, Rick Snider, spent more than a decade covering the Washington Redskins for the Washington Times and other D.C. area publications.

I asked him to share an offbeat recollection or two from the dozen or so drafts he covered, and he shared a Steve Spurrier story with me.

It's not Giants-related, but after reading it you'll have to admit even if you hate Tom Coughlin you have to give him credit for at least being prepared.

Here it is.

Steve Spurrier's initial draft in 2002 was the first sign that the college coach wouldn't make it in the NFL. Spurrier was supposed to be part of the triumvirate making decisions with owner Dan Snyder and personnel director Vinny Cerrato. Instead, Spurrier knew so little about one mid-round pick that he just read the guy's stats. When someone asked for more given Spurrier faced the SEC player when coaching at Florida, Spurrier got ticked and stormed out. He couldn't believe reporters would ask for more than height/weight when Spurrier was exposed for not knowing anything about the offensive player. On the second day of the draft, Spurrier was joking around in the press room when the Redskins' fifth-round pick came up on the TV. He stuck around with the media to see who the Redskins picked. Guess he wasn't involved in that choice, either.

Thanks, Rick. It's taken more than 20 years, but I guess you've finally paid me back for puking all over my dad's truck the morning after my wedding.